We provide new tires, wheels, and light mechanic services in Dallas, TX (exit Walnut Hill, Dallas) as well as oil and lube in Dallas and tire services to customers in Dallas, and surrounding counties as well as some maintenance operations (full preventive maintenance checks, brakes, seals, oil changes, electronic tire balancing, state inspections) that will keep your rig in operation.  You won't believe our low prices, labor rate, outstanding customer service, and genuine concern for you and your equipment.  It truly is about our customers.  We can get any tire you want by brand, price range, and category.  We also provide a 24/7 mobile tire repair and tire maintenance operation for trucks.  Come see us Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.  No appointment needed.  Don't forget, we also have a 24-hour commercial mobile tire service for trucks.  

22 Low Profile Steer Tires on Sale:  Kelly by GoodYear - $350,

Firestone - $360, Michelin, $500.  

METAL WHEELS - NEW, 22.5x8.25 HUB piloted, in stock. 

Brakes and Labor - $180/axle.        VIRGIN TRAILER TIRES $220

2202 MANANA DR., SUITE 324, DALLAS, TX75220

​TELEPHONE 972-506-0000

About Us

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​1.  To Lead is to Serve. 

Everyone works, everyone contributes.  From managers to mechanics, everyone pulls on the rope.  Effective leadership is sincere, genuine, and from the front, not behind a desk.  

2.  Customer Satisfaction.  

We want to make your job, maintenance requirements, and  repairs, a positive aspect of your career, not something you dread.  Where else can you bring your own parts to a maintenance shop?

3.  Employee Growth

Our employees are empowered to make decisions, encouraged to learn, attend schools, and be groomed for promotions.  We empower people and hold them accountable and treat them like adults.  "It's amazing what you can accomplish, when no one cares who gets the credit."

4.   Savings

We offer a competitive advantage for our small fleet customers and owner operators.  We can be your fleet manager.  We offer the lowest labor charges in the metroplex and you can bring your own parts.  Call ahead for details.  We can also get your parts for you and cheaper than you think.

5.  Strategic Locations 

We have a location in Dallas off Royal Lane and Mañana Drive at 2202 Mañana Drive, Ste. 324, Dallas, TX 75220.  We also have a location on 287 South of Decatur and North of Rhome, TX right beside Top Smart at exit 407.

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Tire Shop of dallas, tx 

Looking for a company you can trust? Look no further! 

Our business model is simple.  We help people succeed.  Our genuine concern for you, your employees, and equipment will win you over.

We support the men and women trying to make enough money to send their kids to college, pay the mortgage on their mother’s farm, or pay the medical bills for a father fighting cancer.  Those people, those beliefs and values are the reason we turn the lights on in the morning.  Our friendly, experienced service department will keep you on the road and our affordable prices will keep money in your pocket. 

The  majority of our team is prior military and oil service industry, so we understand service, hard work, commitment, duty, and teamwork.  Our vision is to create a satisfied, successful customer whether it is by savings, service, technical expertise, or helping a family member, single mother, college student, senior adult.  Our commitment is to get better everyday while helping you get better everyday.