Big RiG

Tire Shop of dallas, tx 


1.  SAFETY INSPECTIONS - We will inspect your trucks, make repairs, and get your documentation quick, accurate, and with no waiting.  Safety inspection $40.

2.  OIL CHANGE - We use fleet guard and CAT oil filters with Chevron, Rotella, or whatever you bring to us.  Many people prefer other oils or filters so go ahead and bring them with you and we will use your oil.  It's about the customer.  It's your truck.

3.  TIRE SALES AND TIRE REPAIR  - We prefer to have a human conversation, so no need to logon to a website and figure out if you typed in the right tire, just call us and talk to a person about your needs, repairs, and operational timelines.  Order your tires and we will have them waiting for you when you show up.  No waiting.  We keep the tires you need in small amounts because inventory costs money and someone has to pay for it, so we eliminate the cost of inventory by using just in time logistics.  There are so many distributors in the DFW area, large inventory operations and warehouses are not logical.  All of our tire prices also include the FET.  We don't pile on charges after you show up. 

4.  TIRE BALANCING - We offer electronic machine tire balancing in our office and we can also balance tires with our mobile service.

5.  PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE CHECKS - We can perform preventive maintenance checks for your truck... and we can also enter and track all of your data by truck, part numbers, mileage, expenses incurred, and any other category you want and for only a small fee.

6.  INDIVIDUAL AND FLEET MAINTENANCE TRACKING AND REPORTING - We have a web based maintenance manager that can track one truck to large fleets and create reports for your fleet based on mileage, costs incurred, mileage, PM checks and schedules, and many more... and for less than you think.

7.  BRAKES, SHOCKS - We can change those brakes for you and you can pick the brakes or even bring them to us.  Call first.

8.  SEALS - Wheel Seals are no problem.

9.  TIRE RECYCLING AND DISPOSAL - Tired of looking at tires, give us a call and make an appointment and for a small fee, drop them off.

10.  ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE - Have a tire problem on the side of the road, we have the answer.  Any time, any place.  You can call either the Dallas number at 972-506-0000 and push #3 for roadside assistance or call the Fort Worth phone number at 817-750-0555 and push #3.  Our phone system is tied together so dial which ever number you want and push #3 roadside assistance.  Easy day. 

11.  MOBILE PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE SERVICE - If you need someone to come to your site and make repairs, change tires, or conduct PMs, just let us know.  We can tailor a service that meets your needs and won't break the bank.

12.  BRING YOUR OWN PARTS AND WE REPAIR YOUR TRUCK - Give us a call and let us know you are coming and what you need to get done.  We can get your parts for you at cheap prices or you can bring your own.  No transmission or inside engine.

13.  OTHER MAINTENANCE OPERATIONS AND LOGISTICAL CONSULTING (CALL AHEAD) - If you have a problem and need help or you need a dedicated service on a certain day, in a certain place, at a certain place, we can help you solve your problems.  We supported Marines in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, we can help you.